The New Year Brings New Bankruptcy Forms

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The New Year Brings New Bankruptcy Forms

The Judicial Conference has made significant changes to the Official Bankruptcy Forms. Beginning December 1, 2015, the Official Forms for the Southern District of Florida will be replaced with significantly modified, reformatted and renumbered versions. Not only are the forms visually different, but so is the content of the new forms.

Highlights of the Official Forms Changes:

  • The new forms differentiate between individual debtors and non-individual debtors, as a new numbering system will distinguish the two categories of forms.
  • ECF events will change to accommodate some of the new forms and additional information being collected.
  • The previous LF-11 form where the debtor attest to the validity of the schedules and petitions, has been replaced. A separate declaration under penalty of perjury will be required with the filing of schedules and amended schedules.  Form B106 for individual debtors and Form B202 for non-individual debtors.
  • The means test form remains the same but will be renumbered.
  • Information about credit counseling is now included in Part 5 of the voluntary petition for individuals, eliminating the previous schedule D form.
  • The Notice of Meeting of Creditors and Confirmation has been revised in content and appearance.
  • The changes that will most affect debtors, include detailed financial information previously not require and a transaction history requirement to be attached to Proof of Claims.

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